Dear world, WE speak English…(I)

I know the topic would make it like this blog post is an over-bearing child throwing a tantrum. Well, that is the truth. I am an overbearing child writing on behalf of all overbearing children, who in one way, are made to feel inadequate because we happen to be from the motherland, Africa. First, let me note that this post does not in any way overlook our french-speaking African brothers and sisters. I am writing ‘English’ because it is the language I have had experience in.

Second, let me contextualize this. I have just completed by LLB and I am currently submitting applications for my LLM. Like many, I plan to attend one of the best law schools in the world.  However, I keep running into this animal called TOEFL or IELTS tests which essentially are English language tests meant to demonstrate proficiency. I understand fully the impediment language can place on learning. In fact, the need for selection committees to ensure that all candidates are qualified and unified in the instructing language cannot be overemphasized. It is the exemptions that has me worked up:

“[a]pplicants who are citizens of designated countries * and have completed …studies in English and have subsequently worked in an English speaking country.
* designated countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore,  Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.”

Encountering statements, like the above, on many-a-university websites has got me thinking. I am remembering various incidences in the past, when abroad, receiving comments like:

“Where did you learn your English? Its really good”

“Your English is really good, did you grow up abroad?”

“You speak really good English, for an African”

“Did you learn English in Nigeria? its really good”

Of course, I wasted no time in informing the projectors of these comments that we speak “really good English” in Africa, sometimes at the expense of our indigenous languages. Nevertheless, I have never really considered that there may be a huge huge*(in President Trump’s voice) propaganda about the proficiency capacity of English speaking African countries. A propaganda which has rendered the children of these countries seriously prejudiced at the international level.


 To be continued.





The Revival


Hey there Folks!

Its been a while since y’all saw me; well, my writing really. I will start off by saying that- I did NOT forget my password. I assure you, there is an alternative explanation for my disappearance.

Most you would not know this, but I was a final year university student when I started this blog. You know how it goes: school always becomes too demanding. Therefore, in order to rescue my GPA, the blog and I decided to take a break.

After seven long months , we are back! Enthusiastic and energetic, with a lot of juicy intellect to share with you guys. So stay tuned for all the yummy details.

This is the Revival!



The first blog post…

Hello world; Bloggers and creepers alike,

How are we all doing today? Its a fine Monday afternoon down here and by fine, I mean that the sun is out in its glory, roasting every living thing outdoors. That said, you would understand why I am indoors and carefully nursing a glass of cold passion juice (never mind that I hate juice). And on this fine 7th day of March 2016, with the sun bringing on its siblings, THE heat and THE sweat, I can proudly say I made my first blog post.

You see, I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for the longest time now. (Well, if you call opening 10 to 15 different blogs in the span of four years and always forgetting the passwords “toying”). Now over my toyage, I wonder why it took me so long to start this thing. Trust me, this is quite exciting!

Although I want to go all out and tell you guys every mad thought in my head, I read from one of those “tips on blogging” things that I am supposed to keep the first blogpost short. Now I do not know why I am following their advice right now, (as I tend to politely classify such things as bulls**t) but I am just going to be a good girl and keep the madness to myself. Well technically, share it with you guys by spreading it out for the next few years(or months).

In conclusion, and I never thought I would be saying this, but I look forward to blogging… and I promise not to forget the password this time around.

I am going to hunt for lunch.

Bye 😉